Community Management Support

Community Management Support

Keep your online communities engaged via social networks with us.

To ensure you have complete control over your e-reputation, communication has become essential. However, it is not always easy for you to set up a digital strategy and meet your customers on the internet.

We can provide you with multilingual Community Managers to accompany you on the community web. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Quanta Hive’s Community Managers give you centralized access to all the fast-growing European and African markets.

The advantage you will get from working with our Community managers is that our expertise in digital marketing offers you certain advantages:

  • We have the tools to monitor your industry, just as we can track your company’s e-reputation.


  • We have prior knowledge of the involvement of a thoughtful conversation marketing. It can be easy to thank a satisfied customer, but it is more difficult to start a dialogue with angry customer or wishing to harm at any price your brand.


  • We have mastered the tone management of the messages broadcast. Interventions must be able to be heard by all.


  • We strengthen your marketing inbound. Thanks to a strengthened social media presence and professional communication, you will attract many prospects.